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Diocletian's Palace

Palace of Diocletian in Split was built around 300 AD. Built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian, who lived in the palace after the withdrawal from the throne, the palace is rectangular shape and its size is 215x180 m. It has four large towers and several smaller ones, and on each of the four sides was made an entrance. Over the centuries, the original appearance of the palace was a little changed, but the basic outline of the imperial palace has been preserved to these days. Our taxi transfer service offers you transportation at best prices.

Although inside the palace there are now shops and restaurants, the palace has been well preserved and is one of the best preserved buildings of Roman architecture in the world. Under the protection of UNESCO as a world heritage the palace has been since 1979.

The palace was built as a combination of luxurious villas of that time and a Roman military camp. In the southern part there were emperor's chambers with facilities for religious and state protocols, while in the northern part lived soldiers and servants. Diocletian's Palace is a must-see place and it is visited by many tourists who come to Split and surrounding areas. For taxi transfers to Diocletian palace use our service at best rates.

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