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Rovinj is a city on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula, south of the Lim Channel, with about 14,000 inhabitants and is a very popular tourist destination. It is a romantic little town with narrow streets and small squares. The city is protected by high walls that surround it and the rocks from the seaside. Our reliable taxi transfer service is at your disposal at best rates.

Although the whole city is a historical landmark and has the well-preserved old architecture of past centuries that is not undermined by new constructions, however, especially stand out the baroque church of St. Euphemia with a tower height of 60 m, Municipal Palace, the ramparts and the Franciscan monastery. The old town on the island of Mons Albanus began to develop as early as the 3rd century, and only in the early 18th century, the town grew outside the walls to the land. 

For nature fans there is a wonderful Rovinj archipelago with about 20 islands, forest park Zlatni rt, Lim Channel and many other natural resources of this part of Istria. The beginnings of tourism in Rovinj date back to 1888 when the resort of Maria Theresa was opened.

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