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Hvar is an island in the central Adriatic, which is characterized, in contrast to most other islands in the Adriatic, by large green areas and gentle hills with vineyards and olive groves, forests and water sources. Hot summer with many sunny days, with everything else that offers this island, is the reason why this island is a must on any tourist maps of Croatian.

The island has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Archaeologists have found evidence of a settlement of the island even from the time of 3500 BC. At the place of today's old town of Hvar, the Greeks founded the colony of Pharos. In the Middle Ages Hvar was an important harbor of the Venetian Republic. Use our reliable taxi transfer service at affordable prices.

Hvar can be reached by ferry from Split or Drvenik ferry port. On the island there are a number of tourist destinations. In addition to the town of Hvar with a beautiful medieval architecture, there are Brusje, Milna, St. Nedilja and other destinations. The island has an area of 300 m2 and is covered by typical Mediterranean vegetation.

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