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The Euphrasian Basilica

The Euphrasian Basilica in Porec is a cultural monument under the protection of UNESCO and was built in the 6th century at the time of Bishop Euphrasius and Emperor Justinijan on the place of the former Christian church. The basilica is a monument of early Byzantine art and is well preserved. Basilica was made as a complex of several buildings, and right next to the church is the bishop's palace, the baptistery, the bell tower and the sacristy.

Although over the centuries the basilica has experienced a number of earthquakes, wars and damages, and more changes and restorations, it is important to point out that authentic mosaics on the floor from the 6th century remained well preserved. The oldest fragments of the mosaics are dating back to the 3rd century. Early Christian painting and mosaics in the interior of the basilica show images of Christian martyrs, Christ and the Virgin Mary. These are the finest surviving examples of Byzantine art in this part of Europe.

The basilica is the most famous tourist attraction in Porec and Istria and unavoidable for all fans of historic heritage, particularly architecture and sacred art.

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